U6-U10                                            Kids 4-9 years of age

  • Featuring our New 1 day introductory program. Introducing children to the world of skiing and ski racing through supervised free skiing, specific drills, fun exercises and training courses to improve overall skiing ability.  Most important, is to have a lot of fun and meet new friends!

Training Options:

         U6 & U8 Combined Training: 1 Day/wk (3hrs)  Sunday 9:30 - 12:30

         U6  - Training: 2 Days/wk (5 hrs) 
         U8  - Training: 2 Days/wk (5hrs) OR 3 Days/wk (7hrs)

         U10 Email for further information regarding training  - executive@parklandracers.ca

U12 Regional                               Kids 10-11 years of age

  • The U12 Regional Series is a zone-based programs intended to assist athletes in the transition from the Learn to Train stage of skill development to the Learn to Race stage. Another goal of the program is to provide a competitive series for 12 to 20 year old skiers, which requires less travel and time commitment than the Provincial U14 and U16 series.
  • The U12 Regional Series program should also introduce athletes to ski specific mental and physical training, and continue to develop the technical skills learned in the Nancy Greene Ski League. 


          U12 - Training: 2 Days/wk (5hrs) OR 3 Days/wk (7hrs)


U12 Provincial                           Kids 10-11 years of age

  • The Provincial Series is a provincial program intended to progress young skiers from the Learn to Train to the Learn to Race stages of skill development. The program provides a competitive series for young athletes, which allows them to test their skills against their peers at a provincial level.


          U12 Provincial - Training: 3 Days/wk (7 hrs)

 Our Programs

Our programs are based on the AIM 2 WIN Long term Athlete Development plan through Alberta Canada. "Alpine Canada aims to ensure that any child entering the alpine ski racing system is provided with the necessary building blocks to reach the highest level of achievement in our sport."

Our existing membership consists of skiers from within the Parkland County, which includes Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and also includes members from St Albert, Devon, Leduc, Beaumont, Edmonton and other communities in the surrounding area.​