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Our next FREE dryland training session. Which is open to everyone ages 4 and up even non-members.

DATE: Completed for the 2020/2021 season

LOCATION: See you on the slopes!

TIME: 10:00am to 12 noon

***Please complete all dryland forms prior to arrival.***

​​1: All athletes must complete the dryland release form.

2: All athletes and parents attending dryland must complete the Covid-19 symptoms pre-screening form.

3: All athletes must complete the multi sportquestionnaire.

4: All athletes must come with a mask or buff that can be quickly pulled over their noise/mouth, should social distancing practices becomes a concern.

PRSC will have hand sanitizer and a non-contact infarred thermometer to temperatures prior to starting. Note all athletes feeling ill or exhibiting any illness symptoms will not be permitted to participate.

Should anyone have any concerns or questions with these forms . Please click here to be directed to our dryland coordinator.

Out Door Requirements: 

Equipment: Ski or hiking poles

Gear: Light jacket / lighter layer underneath;

-Proper outdoor running shoes (ensure they have tread on soles

-Small backpack with water bottle and a small nutritional snack.

-Beach towel or mat for the core and active strength session.

In Door Requirements: N/A for 2020/2021

-clean in door shoes

-water bottle and small nutritional snack.

Session Plan: Hike with elevation gains and descents to challenge agility, cardio and strength using body weight. Incorporation ski/hiking poles for coordination drills. The session will include a dryland body weight session which will be used to  develop athletes physical strength and coordination capabilities in combination with the hike segment. Each session will start and end with a warm up and a cool down at he meeting location.

Our program is tailored to involve athletes in ski focused dryland training activities prior to the on-snow season. Activities will be geared towards increasing strength, balance and agility to help them build a stronger foundation for the upcoming season. The planned activities will corporate hiking in our Edmonton River Valley ravine system on single track trails, stairs and bridges. Using natural features in our ravine and park systems for balance and agility work. Recognizing that ski racing may be an individually judged sport the focus will always be on the athletes learning to develop a team concept.

Free Dryland Training