Parkland Racers Ski Club would like to showcase our amazing athletes and have them share their perspectives of our ski racing family. Here are some of our athlete's contributions;

-Isaac U12; "I like Parkland because I have made a lot of really good friends. I like that it is smaller club so I don't have to memorize lots of names. We have really good coaches who are nice and teach us lots of things. I like the challenge of skiing down harder runs and trying out new mountains. I had a lot of fun in Revelstoke at our camp in January. It was a place I had never been and it was super awesome to ski the long runs."

-Christian U8; "I like PRSC because we go fast! We have good coaches! Maria, Peter & Jenel are the best. We ski slalom and GS courses and even ski powder in Jasper!"

-Megyn U10; "Says she likes skiing with her team because she gets to make friends and have fun. Her favourite part about skiing is going around the gates."

-Payton U10; "We have a blast! The coaches are friendly and they train us to be better skiers. Parkland Racers athletes are fast, cool and nice. We have lots and lots of fun all of the time."

-Rees U8; "I like racing because I get to race other kids and work on getting faster. We get medals and ribbons and we get to learn different types of racing like GS and slalom. It is fun to ski down different courses."

-Kai U12; " I love skiing for Parkland Racers because it's challenging and fun. I also like Parkland Racers because I get to meet new friends. We get to hang out together, practice and race. It's awesome!"

-Carter U8; " I love Parkland Racers and ski racing because we have so much fun together. We might win or loose but it doesn't matter. We have fun at practices and at all the races. I love my coaches, they teach me new things which helps me be a better skier. They teach us all how to do gates the right way. I really like practicing the impossible flush with Rees and Parker. I like racing against them and also my dad. I have a tone of fun!"

So as you can see Parkland Racers Ski Club athletes enjoy the most important part of skiing...having FUN. Getting to hang to out with each other and learn an amazing sport that will last a lifetime. We hope our athletes' testimonies have been able to convey the passion that our club has for this amazing winter sport.

'Inspiring a generation of skiers to share the passion for our sport of Alpine Skiing.'

The sky is blue, the snow is fresh, and the white expanse opens up before you. You can hear giggling off in the distance and know instinctively where to find the young Nancy Greene Skiers taking advantage of the entire mountain. Rarely, do you not hear the laugher from the various Parkland Racers Ski Club groups while they are working closely with their coaches. Parkland Racers Ski Club was founded in 1981, has created a competitive alpine ski racing program that inspires young athletes to meet new friends and create a love for alpine skiing that will last a lifetime. The friendships, fun and ski improvement are the basis of everything.

Parkland included some different initiatives for its members this past season. Varied terrain and some additional challenging conditions were added to the program for the team to grow their technical abilities. Not only were camps offered at Marmot Basin, as in other years, but at additional mountain resorts such as Lake Louise Ski Resort, Sunshine Village and Canyon Ski Area in Red Deer. The skiers were able to practice longer runs, in sometimes not ideal conditions, increasing their confidence. The skiing parents always have a blast in the afternoons, trying to keep up with athletes, following them all over the mountain, through the trees and over bumps and jumps. The afternoons become a big group of passionate skiers, laughing, sharing and encouraging each other to push their limits. It's time together with friends and family with stories to share later that night.

This past season Parkland also offered, not lonely 2 & 3 day per week programs, but an introductory 1-day program to encourage new skiers into the world of Alpine Skiing. This program offers a taste of the Nancy Greene program and is meant to encourage new athlete participation, while minimizing their initial commitment.

Not only are Parkland coaches encouraging the athletes to be their best on skis, but in life, holding them accountable and gently encouraging the athletes to be their best. Skiing is one sport, the young athletes improve upon every year and in the meantime, they have learned respect. Respect for ski areas and rules, respect of other teams, their teammates and their coaches. They have learned about the intricacies of being involved in an individual sport while being supported by and being part of a team. They also have learned about their individual responsibilities, how to listen and apply and practice what they have learned. Above all, they have built friendships that will last a life time and a passion for a sport that will follow them through their lives.

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