Racer Accounts - Optional for 2020/2021

To allow for efficient payment of applicable fees throughout the season, racer accounts may be opened for each registered racer.

Racer accounts refers to a fund used to draw money for optional race fees, optional mountain camp training fees, and miscellaneous expenses. Unused funds will be refunded at the end of the season. Race and camp participation is strongly encouraged by our coaches, although not mandatory.

Once a RSVP deadline passes for any events that would see a fee debited from specific racers account, there will be no refunds or credits given as most fees to attend events are paid to 3rd parties or have been calculated in to the operating budget for specific camps and or events.

Racers will not be allowed to RSVP or attend events if their account has depleted and the treasurer has not received funds to top up the account balance to sufficiently offset future event participation costs.

If you want to know your balance or account history, contact the club treasurer directly.

Fundraising / Volunteer Requirements - Per Family


The only fundraising requirements for 2020-2021 is a one time fee of $50.00 per athlete.  That said, we are still currently outweighing all fundraising options, however members can expect some online fundraising throughout the ski season.

(We ask that you provide PRSC with one non dated cheque that we don't want to cash of $250.00 for the fundraising commitment.

-N/A for 2020/2021 ski season

Should the PRSC race season be cancelled for any duration of more than 4 consecutive weeks due to Covid-19, your registration fees will be refunded prorated based on the remaining training days left in the season. Refunds will be calculated and refunded within 120 days of the anticipated end date of the regular season, March 30, 2020. The PRSC fundraising commitment fee, Alberta Alpine membership fee, Alberta Alpine ski association member fee and $25 North Zone Equipment fee (included in your registration fee) are non-refundable.Type your paragraph here.

*** 2020/2021 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN***

Please visit our Zone 4 Login 

If you have any immediate questions about registering your athlete please contact our registrar.

After the registration process please download your welcome package here!

Join us on the slopes!

Participant Registration Requirements:

·       Basic skiing skills are required prior to enrollment into the club.
·       To be eligible for all programs, skiers must meet a minimum standard.
·       All skiers must be able to ride the T-bar with another child or adult.
·       All skiers must be able to be self-mobile on their equipment.
·       All skiers registering for U12 programs must be able to control their speed on a green slope.
·       All skiers registering for U12 programs must be able to perform linked “snowplow” turns safely.
·       Helmets specific to ski racing (hard ears) are mandatory and the participant must supply all personal equipment.
·       It is recommended that all members obtain a season pass for Rabbit Hill Snow Resort.
·       In addition to the registration fee, there are minimal fundraising requirements in which “all” families are required to participate in.
·       We welcome family involvement in every aspect of the club and parent volunteers are needed throughout the season to help at races.
·       Parent and athletes are required to read, understand, and sign parent and athlete contracts that establish expectations of all of those involved and outline basics of our disciplinary policy. 


Alberta Alpine Ski Association Membership Fees

- Provincial sport governing body for alpine ski racing

(Athletes age as of December 31, 2020)

- U6 - ages 4/5 year old. 

- U8 - ages 6/7 year old.

- U10 - ages 8/9 year old.

- U12 - ages 10/11 year old.

- U14 - ages 12/13 year old.

 -U16 - ages 14/15 year old.

Entry Level - U6-U8 ($135.00)
Entry Level - U10 ($170.00)
Recreational - U14-U16 ($170.00)

National Card - U14-U21 ($280.00)

Masters National Card - ($280.00)

Masters FIS - ($280.00)

Masters Weekend - ($280.00)

Referral Incentive Program;

-If you refer a skier to PRSC who registers with our club. (They must advise your family name on the Zone4 registration)

-Your name will be put in for a draw to win 1 FREE weekend mountain camp training fees!

-So hurry and tell your friends to help spread the word.

-It also doesn't hurt to tell them to shop at Liquor on McLeod Ltd and online with the Spud Box.

Apply for Assistance:

Rates & Requirements