Tally Hutchinson
Daytona Homes

What does your Company do?

Since 1993 Daytona Homes has proudly expanded to home building in several communities throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and most recently, Calgary. Specializing in single and multi-family designs, we build quality homes for first time buyers, growing families, and empty nesters alike. As a leading home builder in Western Canada, Daytona Homes is proud to provide new and experienced home buyers with award-winning floorplans, first class customer service, superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality.  We understand that purchasing a new home is a large decision and we are dedicated to ensuring your home building experience is a positive one.

How can PRSC Families support your business / Daytona Homes?
PRSC Families can support Daytona Homes by considering our company for their future home investment and recommending our homes to friends and family who are in the market for a new home.

What is it about Ski Racing that is of interest to your company and you?
The development of young athletes within our community is a cause Daytona believes in. With winter being such a significant season in our city, supporting a sport or program that showcases the advantages of our climate, while also promoting an activity that can help young individuals focus on personal growth, is a positive investment for our company.

Were you a ski racer or have children in a racing program?
There are Daytona employees that have children who participate in the racing program. The individuals who are involved in the sport speak highly of the program and have shared the positive effects the sport has had in their family with the Daytona team.

What is it about sport and specifically skiing that makes you want to help make it affordable/accessible to a broader range of people in our community?
Edmonton is a winter city; therefore, supporting an activity which helps highlight the benefits of our colder climate is a strong benefitting factor for our community. We hope that by assisting with the accessibility and affordability of skiing, more individuals and families will have the opportunity to take part in this winter activity. With more members of our community gaining access to the sport, more relationships will be established - eventually leading to an overall stronger community.

Sponsorship Opportunity for Parkland Racers Ski Club

Dear Sir/Madam,

Parkland Racers Ski Club (PRSC) offers very successful Alpine Ski Racing Programs introducing skiing skills and
alpine ski race training to young people from ages 4 to 21 years of age at Rabbit Hill for 25 years.

Parkland Racers Ski Club embraces and celebrates an active winter lifestyle and fosters the creation of a lifelong love for alpine skiing and sport through goal setting, mental & physical development and good sportsmanship for youth in our community.

Our programs operate every year from mid September with dryland training to prepare our young athletes for the winter season to early April with on snow training and racing.

As a non‐profit organization we rely on financial support and donations from our community and local businesses to help these programs operate in a financially responsible manner.

We are contacting you to request your support to allow us to continue to offer our programs to the youth in the Parkland County and Edmonton area.


  •  Your sponsorship/donation will showcase your organization’s commitment to being physically active during the winter months when typically most of our community heads indoors to beat the cold winter weather.
  • You will have the opportunity to gain access to an audience of local and provincial consumers that participate in winter sport of alpine skiing.
  • In return for your generous donation, you will have the opportunity to receive benefits offered only to sponsors (appropriately acknowledging your donation), such as complimentary advertising in local newspapers, advertising on the team jackets our athletes wear throughout the season, logo recognition and link to your business or organization website on the Parkland Racers Ski Club website and logo recognition on signage and promotional material used at various events throughout the season. Please see the attached sheet outlining how your business or organization will benefit from providing a donation to PRSC.

In addition to the specific benefits outlined in each category of sponsorship, your support will assist with:

  •  Being able to offer top rate training and coaching.
  • Using safe and well maintained equipment in a comfortable and supportive environment.
  • Keeping participation fees affordable and thus accessible to a larger segment of our community.

If you are able to provide support a donation to our club, or if you have any questions, or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the people listed below.

On behalf of the Parkland Racers Ski Club executive, coaches, and athletes, we thank you for your consideration in donating to our club.


Jackie Duffy                                                             Peter Ganske

President, Parkland Racers Ski Club                   Head Coach, Parkland Racers Ski Club

president@parklandracers.ca                             headcoach@parklandracers.ca


Avalanche: Donations of $5000 or more

  • Benefits include those noted below for Blizzard plus:
    • A patch with your company name and logo will be created and sewn on to each athletes team jacket.

Blizzard: Donations between $2000 and $4999 

  • Benefits include those noted below for Flurry plus:
    • Your company name and logo will be put on our club banners that are used at various club events

Flurry: Donations between $500 and $1999

  • Benefits include those noted below for Snowflake plus:
    • Your company will be acknowledged at all club events as being a supporter.
    • Your company name will be included in the annual newspaper ad thanking those who supported PRSC

Snowflake: Donations between $100 and $499

  • Benefits include:
    • Your company name and logo will be placed on the PRSC website.
    • Your company name and logo will be printed inside the annual PRSC memory book acknowledging your support of this project.

All donations are warmly welcomed and appropriately acknowledged.
− Gift in kind – recognized at retail value
− Donations will be cumulated yearly
− Sponsorship term will run for 1 year for Blizzard, Flurry and Snowflake categories
− Sponsorship term will run for 2 years for Avalanche category